Monthly Archives: March 2013

Elder Abuse

"Whistler's Mother" James McNeill Whistler c. 1871   Not too long ago, Mickey Rooney, a stage and screen actor appeared before a special U.S. Senate committee on elder abuse and reported that he was financially abused by a family member. Brooke Astor, an American philanthropist and socialite was found living in squalor while her son…
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  Physicians throughout history have had to confront disease.  As the centuries have marched on, we have been able to identify and categorize different types of disease and give that disease a name.  Not only that but we have made leaps and bounds in the treatment of diseases and chronic conditions.  We are living longer…
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The Importance of Rhogam

    Happy Birthday Rhogam!  You’re 45 years young and still going strong.  You have never been the media darling de jour making headlines causing controversy and brouhaha.  In fact, you don’t get any media attention, and you should.  You have saved countless lives in that time working tirelessly and quietly.   You are truly one…
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