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Back to Sleep or Preventing SIDS

Baby (Cradle) by Gustav Klimt 1917/1918 Twenty years ago, I graduated from medical school and began my journey into obstetrics and gynecology. One of the messages I had to give to new parents was “back to sleep”. Since then, the rate of SIDS deaths has dropped dramatically, but every so often, I hear of parents…
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It’s All in the History

Takashi Murakami. 727. 1996     People go to see the doctor for many reasons.  Sometimes it is just a check up or medication refill or for not feeling well.  Sometimes it is because of pain. Pain is tricky.  It can come on all of a sudden.  It can ebb and flow.  It can last…
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Memorial Day

Memorial Day for many signifies the start of summer.  It is the time for summer vacations, weddings, and graduations.   We start off Memorial Day with sales, barbeques, and  picnics.  Families get together to celebrate.  It is also a time to honor our war dead.   Prior to the War in Afghanistan and September 11, 2001,…
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HIV Testing in Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, we do many types of tests.   Many of these tests require blood.   During the first OB visit, we usually draw the most blood.  Many of these tests check for infections that can cause problems in pregnancy.  One test I’d like to discuss today is the HIV test. Most women who become pregnant…
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