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Memorial Day

Memorial Day for many signifies the start of summer.  It is the time for summer vacations, weddings, and graduations.   We start off Memorial Day with sales, barbeques, and  picnics.  Families get together to celebrate.  It is also a time to honor our war dead.   Prior to the War in Afghanistan and September 11, 2001, many of...
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Elder Abuse

"Whistler's Mother" James McNeill Whistler c. 1871

  Not too long ago, Mickey Rooney, a stage and screen actor appeared before a special U.S. Senate committee on elder abuse and reported that he was financially abused by a family member. Brooke Astor, an American philanthropist and...
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Human Trafficking

As many of you know, I do quite a bit of traveling up to Pennsylvania.  It is a long, long drive.  Because of this I have a routine.  I drive a certain route.  I play a certain radio station.   I have certain places I stop at.  It’s how I gauge how much further I have to...
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